Knowledges ≫ 6. How to create an online expert profile well?

To create a professional expert profile you need to follow these steps:

I. Login into;

II. Choose a layout

1. Click on Layout menu => Choose a layout that you like;

2. Final, you click on Set layout button to finish;

Note: with free package, you only choose defaul layout. If you want more layouts so you have to upgrade to premium package.

III. Create infomation about Experience

1. Click on Experience menu => Click on Add New Experience button;

2. In new window, you fill all information about your Experience follows form in that window;

3. Click on Save button to save it into database;

4. You process for next Experience like 1st step to 3rd steps for all your experience;

 IV. Create information about Education

1. Click on Education menu => Click on Add New Degree button;

2. In the Add New Degree window, you fill all information about your degree into form of that window;

3. Click Save button to save it into database;

4. Do it again for your next degree;

V. Create information about Skills

1. Click on Skills menu => Click on Add New Skill button;

2. In the Add New Skill window, you fill all information about your skill here;

3. Click Save button to save it into database;

4. Do it again for your next Skill;

VI. Create information about Services

     Services are the services that you provide to customers or partners, you need to list details here to help customers and partners better understand your products / services, thereby helping you increase sales opportunities. line. You need to follow these steps to declare information about the services / products you provide:

1. Click on Services menu => Click on Add New Service button;

2. In the Add New Service window, you fill all information about your Service here;

3. Click Save button to save it into database;

4. Do it again for your other Service;

 Note: This module's only in the premium package;

VII. Create your portfolio

7.1. What is your portfolio?

   Portfolio are projects that you have been involved in and have had good results. This is evidence to convince customers and partners to use products / services provided by you. This module is only available in the paid plan.

7.2. How to create catagory of portfolio?

+ 1st step: Click on Portfolio menu => Click on Project Category button;

+ 2nd step: You should type the category => Click on Save Category buton to finish;

+ 3rd step: Do it again for other category of portfolios;

7.3. How to create information about your projects?

1. Click on Portfolio menu => Click on Add Project menu=> Click on Add New Portfolio;

2. Input all information about your project in Add New Portfolio window;

3. You click on Save Portfolio button to finish;

4. Do it again for your other projects;

VIII. Create information about your Interests

1. Click on Interests menu => Click on Add New Interest button;

2. Input all information about your project in Add New Interest window;

3. You click on Save Interest button to finish;

4. Do it again for your other projects;

IX. Create information about your Awards, Languages, Clients, Testimonial, References

You do them like VIII

X. How to create your blogs?

     A blog is where you post articles about practical activities related to your expertise, or share information and practical knowledge of your expertise. Thereby, it will help you to increase the points in the eyes of customers and partners, thereby opening many opportunities for cooperation in the future.

     To create your blog, you should process by some steps bellows:

 10.1. Create Blog Catagory

1. Click on Blog menu => Click on Blog Category button;

2. Input all information about your Blog Category here;

3. You click on Save Category button to finish;

4. Do it again for your other Category;

10.2. How to create Blog Post?

1. Click on Blog menu => Click on Add Blog Post button;

2. Input all information about your Blog Post here;

3. You click on Save Blog button to finish;

4. Do it again for your other Post;

XI. About Appointments

11.1 What is Appointments?

     Appointments is a module that helps you define your working hours of the week and also the place to receive and manage the information of customer appointments for you. This module is very useful for customers and partners to interact with you. You often find and check this module to not miss the appointment of any guest for you.

11.2. How to defined Appointments?

1. Click on Appointments menu => Click on Select days button;

2. You defined your work schedules here;

3. You click on Save Days and Time Slots button to finish;

11.3. How to get customers's Appointments?

    When customers and partners see your expert profile, if they want to see you, they will fill in this appointment section on your expert profile. All appointment information will be displayed at Appointments menu.

Note: This module's only at paid package.

 XII. How to manage Contact Massages?

     Contact Massages is a module that records contact information of customers and partners when they view your expert profile, this information includes: Full name, email address and contact content of customers and partners .

     To manage all information about Contact messages, you click on menu Contact messages to see it.


Training   13 January 2020